ATENTIE! la UPDATE-urile aplicatiei de FACEBOOK pentru ANDROID! ep. II

Va povesteam intr-un articol mai vechi ca recent am aruncat o privire peste ce presupune un up-date la aplicatia de Facebook, update care ma tot stresa pe mobil. Si asa cum v-am mai spus, m-am cam oprit asupra unor detalii, aproape toate daca e sa fiu sincer, care nu-mi sunau chiar bine. In urma acelui articol imi scrie cineva, nu spui cine, ca poate sa-mi explice/sa-mi detalieze anumite aspecte.

Si stiu ca nu se face dar permiteti-mi sa-nceput cu concluzia, care spune cam asa: “facebookul poate sa faca asa de multe chestii prin toate feature-urile pe care le are incat are access la multe chestii (ca sa nu zicem tot), fie ca iti faci sau nu update la ultima versiune.

Si hai cu detaliatu’:

Hardware controls:
– change audio settings: you can set your notification ringtone
– record audio : for posts for example

– modify/delete sd card : Storage – modify/ delete SD card contents
This permission is of high importance. This will allow the applications to read, write, and delete anything stored on your phone’s SD card. This includes, pictures, videos, mp3s, and even data written to your SD card by other applications. However there are many legitimate uses for this permission. Many people want their applications to store data on the SD card, and any application that stores information on the SD card will need this permission. You will have to use your own judgment and be cautious with this permission knowing it is very powerful but very often used by legitimate applications. Applications that typically need this permission include (but are not limited to): camera applications, video applications, note taking apps, backup applications.( )

System tools

Your location: add GPS location to your posts

Services that cost you money:
– directly call phone numbers – you can call from facebook page that has a phone number

Your accounts : In android Settings, you can view Facebook in Accounts.
– manage accounts list
– discover known accounts

– modify battery statistics: actually, it allows you just to read phone’s battery, nu modifica nimic. Cei de la google au denumit permisiunea asta destul de ciudat. In ultimele versiuni de android, au chiar redenumit-o in “battery_stats” dar pt ca aplicatia de Facebook suporta o plaja mare de versiuni de android, asa apare.

System tools:
– read sync settings : read the sync settings (you can sync your contacts)

Network communication:
– download files
– data from internet
– wifi state
– view network state
– full internet access: allow data transfers even on 3G
Multe din ele aici:

Hardware controls:
– vibrator: vibrate on incoming notification

Your personal info:
-read/write contact data: you can sync your facebook contacts with your phone contacts

Phone calls:
– read phone state : access to the phone’s id. “It allows developpers to know how many users (phones) they have. But this permissions also let us know if you are receiving a call or not to react in consequence (if it is a music application: reduce the volume), and things like that.”

sursa: connaisseurs anonym 😉



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